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Busts pt. 1

This is my first go at them, and they have been interesting so far. Its a love/hate with the surface volume. On one hand, I love having the room to insert color nuance. I was often thinking to myself–while painting–, “a dab of orange there…bit o’ green here…touch of violet”. Really, really fun. Yet, on the other… I found that blocking all that surface and bringing it to the detail-stage was annoying. It really tested my patience as I’ve only painted 28mm (and two 54s that are WIP) until this point. But of course, its more love than hate. I cant wait to bring these ‘fellas to life. All painted with RMSP (Reaper). These Busts are from Rafael Picca’s Forged Monkey line. They can acquired at

Raffa is probably my favorite sculptor. There is a lot of life in his work.

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