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Rambo Satyr part 2

I quit. I quit using ScaleColor (SC) for this guy. I tried everything to reduce the damage that my highlight tone (Iroko) was doing. And honestly, the most frustrating part is that it was the singular color alone that was giving me so much grief. All the other colors played well, and were much more manageable. Yet, for some reason, Iroko was just not having it. I mixed it like crazy, cleaned the dropper tip, and tried every consistency and application under the sun…to no avail…

So, I transferred him over to my trusty Reaper Master Series(RMS) and I almost cried because the paint played so well. I genuinely thought I was losing my mind for a hot second when using ScaleColor on this fig. BUT! But, Reaper doesn’t stand-up to the saturation and richness of ScalColor. You have to work in saturation a lot more with Reaper via glazes and washes. And doing that can sometimes compromise your overall scheme. So I pretty much dropped effect (SC), for workability(RMS)…and I don’t know how I feel about that. I really want ScaleColor to work, because I love the finish, but I’m hesitant to continue with it.

I’m worried that I’ll find other colors in the line (that I’ve already obtained) with similar issues. I pray that isn’t the case. So, I’ll have to keep testing…

Phew, rant over. Anyway, here is the little fella’ after his RMS makeover.

Still a long way to go, still have to glaze with some green to dim the orange-brown, but I’m enjoying the results so far. C&C always appreciated!

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