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Rambo Satyr part 1

I’m almost done with the FeR Dwarf. So I decided to take my eyes off of it, and move onto something else. This guy is a limited release from Blacksmith miniatures. Beautiful sculpt, decent cast (not as nice as FeR), but the assembly was terrible. Both arms, horns, and the rear of the cloth came dis-assembled and required heavy putty work to fit uniform. It was very tedious. However, the sculpt is worth it. I love this model. I have a really fun scene that I’m working on. Reedy marsh/grassland with a water deposit in the middle. Still much to develop.

I primed the fella in green, because that’s going to be the overall filter of the model.

So, next is the sketch. I’m pushing green ochres for the fur, with purple undertones and a purple base for his “skin”, that will probably be highlighted with the ochre midtone. His horns are going to camoflauge match the background reeds, but the wont be as saturated, so they stand out a bit. Right now, he is a little to warm, so imma cool down the nose and cloth with the green tone that I’ve been using. Really excited about this guy. All done with Scalecolor.


  1. Chaz Sad
    Chaz Sad April 11, 2017

    It’s funny when models are awesome but a lot of work to put together!

    • thefor30_wp
      thefor30_wp April 20, 2017

      I approve this comment. You sound like a very intelligent person.

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