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W-w-w-wippin’ part 2

Ok, so I sketched out the pleated leather, the undershirt, cloak, and leather bracers. I spent a hefty amount of time developing the beard and face. Again, the goal here is to place him in very dense blizzard. So cold, de-saturated colors. I think I am almost there with everything except the undershirt. I feel like I have to de-saturate that undershirt a bit more. Also, define the cheeks a bit, and shade the leather and beard.

This is all ScaleColor, and I have to say its a tricky paint to tame. Can be very unwieldy (dries fast on the model and palette, separates quickly, sometimes chunks for no good reason.) However, it yields beautiful results. The pigment lays so, so nice. I feel like once I’ve become more comfortable with S75, then it will be as big of a staple as Reaper is, for me.

C&C appreciated!


  1. Everyone ever
    Everyone ever April 3, 2017

    You are such a nerd. Give up on your hopes and dreams. Do you even lift?

    • thefor30_wp
      thefor30_wp April 10, 2017

      I lift paintbrushes.

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