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I’m working on a few things with this guy. First, is based off a lesson I learned from Fabrizio Russo, at this years Crystal Brush. That is creating an atmosphere by incorporating your singular highlight tone and shadow tone into all elements of the model.  Second, is based off some advice from Raffaele Picca–at the same event–which is to not mix warm-cool lights as sources. Rather, have one temperature as a shadow, and one as a highlight, consistently throughout the piece. So, I’m incorporating those lessons. I’m trying to create some cool, de-saturated mid-tones. Then I’m going to push the shadows with a warm red-violet, and raise the highlights with a cool off-white. I’m attempting a hazy, cold atmosphere, with the warmth of body-heat.

This is what I have blocked-in, so far. I’m a bit nervous because there are many different elements and textures on this model, and its going to be hard (for me) to make them play well. C&C is always appreciated.

All colors are from the ScaleColor range. I’ll have a review up on that range (with this model as an example) shortly.

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