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The Herbalist

Here is my take on Darksword’s “The Herbalist” from the Diterlizzi Masterworks range. When I picked this guy up, he was a GenCon exclusive release. I was really taken back by the character that Tom Meier was able to replicate from Tony Diterlizzi’s concept.

Diterlizzi concept.

I was able to actualize most of my initial ideas for the setting–Floating on water, swampy, etc–but I struggled a bit to utilize the natural pose of the model. To me, it looks like he is being caught off guard, like someone has somehow snuck up on him while he was on an errand. So, I initially tried to funnel and tighten the weeds, but that would have suffocated the figure. So instead I made it as if he had just noticed the eavesdropper, and kind-of magically blew away the reeds to frighten whomever encroached (hence the ripples). The nebula cloak is there to add some existential mystery, like this dude is a real boss. My photo ability is still pretty poor, but I think the dimension photo with the penny gives you a good idea how the model looks in person. C&C always appreciated.

Oh! He placed third at GenCon 2016. My first award. I was ecstatic, to say the least. I’m very hard on myself, and never think my work stands up, so placing was a pleasant surprise.

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