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The Links of Gleipnir

For the unaware, Gleipnir is the name given to the “rope” that was crafted to constrain Fenris until Ragnarok. Because of Fenris’ seemingly impossible containment, the Dwarves were contracted to make a constraining device out of impossible ingredients. These were the roots of a mountain, the footfall of a cat, the whiskers (beard) of a lady, the breath of a fish, the spittle of a bird, and the sensibility of a bear.

I very fortunately stumbled on this while searching for a way to unify some models that I wanted to enter as a unit entry for this years Crystal Brush. I decided to place symbols of the ingredients on a group of Dwarves from Tre Manor at RedBox Games. Aaaand, progress was going well until I realized the massive diorama I was working on–in conjunction–would require my full attention. So the damned Dwarves are a WIP, waiting for a different competition. I pray I can get them out for another Con this year, because I love the character of these dudes.

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