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Inspiration: Justin Gerard

This dose of inspiration comes from Justin Gerard. Justin is a Georgia based artist/illustrator that works primarily in fantasy. His work came to my attention at GenCon 2016, when I strolled past his display booth.  At that time, I had been contemplating which of the artists I should purchase prints from, and when I encountered his it became obvious.

“The Gryphon Hunters” Its really impressive. Column shadows to form the composition/focal point, moonlit, detailed setting.

From my perspective, his style is very expressive, round, and welcoming.  His works are exquisitely colored, well composed, and form resonating atmospheres. I’d say the Best Of Show he took home that year was well deserved. You can say his line is that of caricature, yet it is well balanced by excellent textures and an attention detail that brings his subjects far past the point of being merely “cartoony”.

“The Battle of Five Armies No.1”

But, most impressive his use of expression and color to create atmosphere. It’s really stunning. He does an excellent job of taking his animated line-work and creating emotional depth through his ability to draw expression, and use color.

I really enjoy his work. So much so that it inspired me to do a quickie paint job on a model that I had purchased at that years GenCon, to resemble a print I purchased.

There is plenty to learn from these master creators. Using these works as reference for light, color, texture and composition is very broadening. You don’t need to use just other miniature painters as sources. In fact, I plead that you don’t!

You can find more information and inspiration at the web-page he shares with his equally talented wife:

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